Small Voices Worth Hearing
Small Voices Worth Hearing
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Our Mission

We are an online platform that connects outstanding rural girls to who believe that women’s education is a key factor in the development of impoverished areas.
We start from rural China, with an ambition to ensure every aspiring girl have equal educational opportunity regardless of their gender and their background in our world.

Why Girls?

It’s just not fair


7 out of every 10 Chinese kids who drop out are girls


While boys primarily drop out because of lack of interest, 39% of girls who drop out are forced out by poverty.


63% of girls don’t think they have opportunities equal to those of boys.

It just benefits

One additional year of education can increase a woman’s income by 10%-20%.

90% of the women’s income increase will be reinvested into the rural family, including children’s education.

Research shows that Chinese girls on average perform better than boys at school, and demonstrate stronger desire for achievement.

What We Do


  • Selection of outstanding rural girls
  • Coverage of all national poverty counties
  • She has the determination to realize her dream
  • She wants to help her hometown break poverty cycle

Online Profile

  • She is the one to tell "her story" by pen
  • You will know about her family, her grades and her thoughts about future
  • We will visit each of the girls to ensure the authenticity of the information


  • You just need to answer three questions
  • The system then matches three girls by your preference
  • It’s you who decide the recipients and the amount of donation


  • You will receive a personalized feedback report at the end of each semester
  • We provide you direct contact with her class teacher
  • Herself holds the bank account
  • We keep long-term track of each girl

Trial Area: Guizhou Province

Wang Mo County

  • Naye Middle School
  • Xintun Middle School
  • No.4 Middle School
  • Dayi Middle School

Ce Heng County

  • Zhelou Middle School
  • No.2 Middle School
  • No.3 Middle School
  • Pozhong Middle School

Zhen Feng County

  • Niuchang Middle School
  • Zhexiang Middle School
  • Lugong Middle School

A better society starts from female education.