Small Voices Worth Hearing
Small Voices Worth Hearing
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Our Mission

ComeonGirls is a nonprofit that connects educational resources for rural girls from underserved regions in China, with the aim to foster personal growth and ultimately promote socioeconomic equality across the nation. We are committed to reach out to 592 counties defined as low-income by the State Council, and make a concerted effort to help each and every girl, who has demonstrated strength and a desire to break the poverty cycle, break down barriers of financial difficulty as well as gender inequality, and advance their education.
Girls from impoverished areas in China face a high risk of dropping out before high school due to poverty and their family's desire for them to marry early. Educating a girl will empower two generations. We believe rural girls are a vital force in advancing development of underserved regions in Western China. We are dedicated to raising and educating a thriving group of female rural leaders, and creating a prosperous society as a whole. 

Why Girls?



7 out of every 10 Chinese rural students who drop out prior to college are girls.


Among those who drop out, top reason for boys was lack of interest, while 39% of girls indicated they were forced out by financial difficulty.


63% of girls surveyed believe they do not have the same educational opportunities boys do.


One more year of education can increase a woman’s income by 10%-20%.

90% of the women’s income growth will be reinvested back into family, including a child’s education.

Research shows that Chinese girls on average perform better than boys do at school, and they demonstrate stronger desire for achievement.

What We Do


  • Accept scholarship applications from rural girls from poor counties across the nation, as defined by the State Council
  • ● Select candidates who have demonstrated excellent academic performance and strong personal qualities


  • Show scholarship candidate profiles to donors via our website, including information such as family, career dream, personal essays
  • Conduct home visits to randomly selected candidates to ensure profile authenticity


  • Donors answer three questions to define giving preference
  • Online system provides three scholarship candidates who best match donors' giving preference


  • Donors will receive personalized annual report detailing performance of the scholar they supported
  • Donors will have access to their scholars' class teacher periodically to learn student performance

Trial Area: Guizhou Province

Wangmo County

  • Dayi Middle School
  • Naye Middle School
  • Xintun Middle School
  • No. 3 Middle School
  • No.4 Middle School

Ceheng County

  • No.3 Middle School
  • Poping Middle School
  • Zhelou Middle School

Zhenfeng County

  • Lianhuanxiang Middle School
  • Niuchang Middle School
  • Lugong Middle School
  • Zhexiang Middle School

A better society starts from female education.