A better society starts from female education.


Who We Are Looking For

We believe that resilience and hard work will lead to a better life. Being positive in challenging circumstances and the ability to bounce back given hardship are essential to future success. Therefore, we select rural girls who have demonstrated:
 • Willingness to break the poverty cycle through her best efforts;
 • Positive attitude of loving life and willingness to work hard to realize her dream;
 • Desire to help others and give back, especially to her hometown.

We Promise

 • 100% of your donations goes to the girl.
 • We protect both her and your privacy.
 • We accept supervision by any means and we will reply your email within 15 working days.

Our Team

Menghan Li
B.A., Communication University of China
Master of Law and Diplomacy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University
Ju Zhou
School Relation
BMS, Peking University
Master of Library Science, Peking University
Zijia Guo
B.A., University of Iowa
Master of International Business, The Fletcher School, Tufts University
Former Research Assistant at Harvard Kennedy School
Current Prospect Research Analyst at Wesleyan University
Yun Ling
B.A., Communication University of China
Erasmus Mundus M.A. in Euroculture, University of Groningen
Former Product Manager at Baidu.com
Former Product Manager at The ONE Smart Piano
Liuliu Xu
Children's Rights
BA, City University of Hong Kong
Master of Social Work, The University of Hong Kong
Former Social Worker at International Social Service Hong Kong Branch
Former Assistant Manager at KPMG Hong Kong
Current Hong Kong Programme Officer at Plan International Hong Kong